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A New Chapter

Nelli Arnth - Hönshuset Creative Studio

I started this blog when I was an exchange student in Melbourne studying at Swinburne University Faculty of Design. My first blog-post was in October 2010 – almost 6 years ago. It started as a place to collect and share my sources of inspiration in the world of graphic design.

My time in Melbourne has a dear place in my heart. Being surrounded by so many inspiring new design talents and skilled teachers really lit my love for graphic design.

A lot has happened in the last 6 years. My blog developed and reflected where I was in life – both personally and study/workwise. I always kept the blog updated, no matter where I was.

Therefore I have many dear memories writing and researching for this blog. I remember:

  • sitting in the university computer room in Melbourne writing this blogpost
  • laying in a hammock drinking iced coffee on the island Langkawi writing this blogpost
  • working at the office of my internship in Kuala Lumpur writing this blogpost
  • browsing on a noisy hostel internetcafe in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur doing this blogpost
  • living at my parents one summer, discovering Pinterest and writing this blogpost about it
  • drinking chai latte in my new apartment in Aarhus writing this blogpost
  • writing my bachelor thesis at Lynfabrikken doing this blogpost about it
  • living and working in NYC one summer writing this blogpost
  • moving to the Danish countryside, starting my own little business writing about it here

I have been running Hönshuset Creative Studio for half a year now. Due to that, I started my blog  A simpler life, which mainly is about my everyday life as a studio owner. About slowing down, living a simpler life in the silent countryside doing the things that I love. It’s about seeking happiness and how to reach it. I don’t want to rush through life waiting for happiness, I want to slow down and enjoy it. Embrace it. Now.

If you want to read more – please do so at

Oh, wow. This is getting long.
It is a little hard for me to let go.

Dear blog, thank you for the past 6 years.
Now it’s time for me to let go, to focus on a new exciting chapter.

All yours,


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