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Quiet morning

IMG_8067   IMG_8068

Now is one of my favorite moments. I’m still in bed with a cup of coffee listening to the birds singing outside my window. I am dreaming about where the future will take me. And also a little bit about how to grow cactuses.

The mugs are from the awesome webshop One of a few.

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Hi. I'm a danish graphic designer located in Aarhus. I'm really into outdoor adventures, coffee, design, travelling, books, photography and New York City.


  1. Hej Nelli,

    Jeg har kigget forbi blog et par gange – og vil bare give dig med, at den er super lækker og dine indlæg er til stor inspiration. :-)

    • Hej Louise
      Tak, det er jeg super glad for at høre.
      Rigtig meget held og lykke med dit nye blog-projekt. Fedt at du springer ud i det. Jeg vil følge med fra sidelinjen ;)

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